Will Triple Euromillions Jackpot Be Won Tonight?

The Euromillions draw due to take place tonight in Paris has an estimated jackpot of a whopping €46 / £36 million, just two weeks to the day after the lottery paid out the biggest Euro jackpot in its history, €190 million. Lucky couple Adrian and Gillian Bayford from the UK won the fortune, which, due to the exchange rate, equated to the second biggest Sterling jackpot ever won of £148 million, just behind Colin and Chris Weir who won £161 million on the Euromillions in July 2011. However, the current jackpot has grown rapidly in order to reach this already highly respectable sum and one thing is certain – the more it rolls over, the bigger the jackpot will become.

If you need a little helping hand deciding on what Euromillions numbers to pick tonight, why not consult our statistics page. Although we cannot guarantee the occurrence of any of the numbers, anything is worth a go in the quest to win those millions! The most frequently occurring Euromillions numbers are 50 and 4, occurring 72 and 63 times respectively, followed closely by 12 and 19, which have made 62 appearances. However, if it is the underdogs you want to plump for, why not try 6 and 9 – both are the most overdue numbers, having not been drawn for 126 days and 122 days respectively.

Although it may sometimes seem that the UK somehow has an advantage over players from other countries, if we look at the Euromillions winners by country we see this is not actually true, despite the UK being home to some of the biggest winners. In actual fact, France has seen the highest percentage of Euromillions winners, with 56 ticket holders netting a multi-million pound prize to make up 24.9% of the winners. They are closely followed by Spain, which is home to 22.2% of the winning ticket holders, and hot on their heels is Portugal, with a massive 44 winners to make up 19.6%. In actual fact, the UK has only seen 35 winners, and accounts for 15.6% of all winners.

However, it is Luxembourg we should feel sorry for, as they have never seen a Euromillions winner! Who knows, maybe luck will be with Luxembourg tonight, providing all players get their tickets in plenty of time, and cross those fingers!


Story by World Lottery News