Mo Farah thanked for Ellon couple’s £2m Lottery win

An Aberdeenshire couple who scooped more than £2m in the National Lottery have thanked a chance encounter with double Olympic gold medal winner Mo Farah for their good fortune.

Libby and Alisdair McRae, of Ellon, won £2,159,664 with a lucky dip ticket.

Mrs McRae said: “It must have been my lucky run-in with Mo Farah. When I was finishing the Bupa 10K in May, he lapped me and I moved to the side until he had passed.

“I have felt so lucky ever since.”

She added: “Mo went onto win double Olympic gold and I went on to win over £2m – thanks Mo.”

Mrs McRae explained: “We always put the lottery on but it’s usually my husband who does it.

“But for some reason while I was standing in the queue chatting to my friend, I thought it’ll do no harm in using up this pound coin on another ticket, so I bought a lucky dip.

“I thought no more of it until I had it checked. The woman behind the counter told me that I’d have to call Camelot because they can only pay out up to £500.

“We laughed about it being little over £500 until she informed me that I had all six numbers. We stopped laughing at that point and both turned chalk white.

“I can’t believe this has happened to us.”

The couple, who have been married for 28 years, have four children and four dogs.

Mrs McRae added: “Our four bedroom house in Ellon is a tight squeeze, so the first thing we’ll do is buy a new home.

“We won’t move from Ellon though, we all love it here. After that, I am getting a cleaner.”

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