Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of some of most frequently asked questions relating to our online lotteries.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question please use the “contact us” form.

Freqently Asked Questions
How do I play the lotteries ?
To play any of the lotteries on the site please select your desired lottery and follow the site’s instructions. If you have not yet registered to our site you will be required to register and fill in your personal and payment details.
May I play the lotteries overseas?
According to the law in the countries operating the lotteries presented in our site, you may play the lotteries through our online retailer with no significance to your location of residence. Nevertheless, you are advised to check if this activity is legal according to the law in the jurisdiction you live in.
Can you send me the lottery forms?
We do not supply lottery forms as there is no need for them when using our service. Simply chose the lottery you want to play on the site, and your participation will be entered automatically to the desired lottery. You will find your desired lottery form is adapted to the specific lottery rules.
Who buys the tickets? How does your operation work?
We are acting on behalf of our customers in giving them all services concerning the participation in official lotteries, purchasing the tickets through online retailer from licensed retailers. Representatives at all locations of official lotteries offered on the site purchase the tickets from licensed retailers only.
When is my ticket actually purchased?
Once your subscription is placed on the site its details are being automatically transferred to our local operator, who is purchasing the actual ticket from a local retailer as soon as possible, depending on the specific lottery’s local time zone and local retailers operating hours.
Does you buy and send me my lottery ticket?
We do not send the lottery tickets to our customers, as there is no need for them. All information regarding your participations is available for you to review in your My Home section on the site.
Can I play only once, without a subscription?
As the company actually purchases the ticket at an official lottery retail location, we cannot provide to play for free as we have various costs involved in each of the different steps in our process.
Why must participants be at least 18 years old?
We make every effort to abide by the customs and rules of many different countries. Usually lotteries are restricted to participants of 18 years or older, while some put the limit at 21. In any case, the rules that apply to you are the rules of your own country, so be sure to check the local rules before participating in lottery games.
Playing Instructions
What do the Draw Numbers (e.g. 2006/55) indicate?
The draw numbers such as 2006/55 are the site’s serial drawing numbers. Usually the first numbers (e.g.2006), state the year – 2006, while the last numbers (e.g.55), are the draw’s serial number. These drawing serial numbers match the official lottery drawing serial numbers, where applicable.
Is there a minimum number of lines in every play?
There is a minimum of 5 blocks for each subscription placed on the site.
What is a Bonus Ball?
In most of the lotteries six numbers are being drawn in each drawing, and one or more extra bonus balls. In these lotteries your entry consists only of the basic numbers, 6 in this example, and does not include a special guess for the bonus numbers. If you get all the basic numbers right, regardless of the bonus numbers, you win the jackpot.
The bonus numbers are being used to determine lower prize categories, according to the different prize categories shown in each of the lotteries in their Lottery Info page accessible through one of the 3 easy ways to choose your specific information at Lottery Info section at the site.
What is the 7/8/9/10/11 numbers option when placing an order?
When filling a systematic form of 7 to 11 numbers, depending on the availability in each of the lotteries on the site, all possible block combinations generated from these numbers are entered to the lottery drawing. The number of blocks filled out this way is the number of all possible combinations. The total number of entries appears on the bottom of the form next to the form’s price calculation. The form’s price is a single block’s price multiplied by the number of blocks.
How does the ‘Quick Pick’ option work?
Quick Pick option is picking the numbers at random, according to the range of numbers and other lottery rules specific to each official lottery.
How can I view my order / the numbers I have selected?
After completing your participation you may view your selected numbers and order information by clicking on your desired participation’s row, in My Orders section or in My Accounts section at My Home tab on the site.
What does the ‘Time to Draw’ indicate?
The Time to Draw indicates the time left till the draw closes for participation on the site, which is generally 3 hours prior the official lottery’s closing time. To view a draw’s local time schedule, you may go to the Lottery Info, and select your desired lottery. The draw’s schedule is displayed among other lottery information.
Why is betting closed a few hours before the official lottery draw?
The service performed by our online retailers is designed to ensure that each order has been recorded and verified will enter the selected draw. Participation in the drawing is therefore closed within a reasonable timeframe to guarantee that processing is completed before the draw takes place, usually about 3 hours beforehand. The amount of time remaining to place an order is displayed next to the lottery name, so you will always know how much time is left before betting is closed.